Protecting Your Home's Roof in Autumn

First and Foremost -
Clear your roof and gutters of fallen leaves and debris

Autumn in Western Pennsylvania is such a wonderful time. The heat and humidity of summer are gone, and the leaves on the trees start turning magnificent colors.

Then they land all over your roof.

A cool Autumn rain helps to push those leaves into tight little piles in the nooks, crannies and gutters of your home. There, they keep moisture just right to decompose and grow fungus that damages your shingles and allows more moisture to get to the underlaying and structural parts of your roof.

Just removing the debris on your roof could add many years to it's life.

Checking your home's roof before winter sets in and freezes the wonderful mess that has collected thru the fall will go a long way to keeping your roof in shape. 

You really need to protect your roof

and everything under it.

Are you seeing issues while you are "SAFELY" clearing your roof of debris and leaves?

Think you may need a new roof?

Call CL Frey Construction.

We specialize in new roofing.