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Mike S.   |.  Glenshaw, PA.  |.  4/18/2021

First to Review

Hiring a contractor to work on your home is a roll of the dice these days. You never know who you can trust or who will do quality work and treat your property like their own. Recently I have been on the bad end of one of these dishonest bad contractors. I should of went with my gut but I didn't and paid a price. I learned a lot from that experience as well as the law under the Home Consumer Protection Act (HCPA), and I recommend that you do your research from top to bottom. With that said, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND CL FREY as a reputable, honest, caring and professional contractor.

My neighbor had CL FREY sign in their yard so I started my research, and I couldn't find a single negative review, every review was 5 stars! CL FREY also follows the federal and state laws defined under the HCPA.

I went to their webpage and submitted my request for a quote on a Sunday to replace the roof and two skylights. On Monday, we received a call back and scheduled my appointment. The owner came to my house and went through EVERYTHING about the job, materials, and time that it would take to complete. Now we all have certain feelings when we meet people for the first time. I immediately knew I wanted to hire CL FREY and that I wasn't going to have that horrid experience I had just a month ago. Whenever we spoke to the office or owner, we felt like they were our friends. So refreshing!

The day before the dumpster was set to arrive and be placed in my driveway, I had a knock at the door. It was the owner and his foreman asking me if I need help moving my trailer. I was taken back by this as it was so unexpected. This was also my introduction to the foreman. My gut feeling again after the introduction was, "we made the right decision hiring CL FREY!"

The day arrives for work to begin. It wasn't the best morning since it was drizzling and cold, but the crew showed up at the exact time they said they would be here. Due to the weather they had to wait it out for about an hour or so before they could start. I couldn't believe how fast they had the old roof off and were starting to install the new roof. I mean these guys didn't hold back and knocked it out of the park. When they finished, the foreman knocked on my door and said that they were done and that he was doing his final walk through. He was making sure no trash was left anywhere. Even the tiniest piece of old shingle, plastic, or paper. I think my yard was cleaner after they left then before they started work at my house!

During the skylight installation, the foreman showed me and explained that there was a gap inside from the drywall to frame of the new skylights. I didn't order custom skylights, so this is common to have this gap. He explained what I could do to for the inside to cover it up. Even though this wasn't their responsibility to correct, the owner and foreman came back and put up the molding for me. They were not going to let me be unhappy at all. This here says a lot about their character as a people and professionalism as a company. I want to THANK them for their extra mile they went for me. The skylights look great!!!

I think I typed too much so I will end with this, if you want a good quality job with an honest reputable, caring, professional company, HIRE CL FREY AND I PROMISE YOU WILL NOT BE DISSAPOINTED!!!!

Nina O., PA. |. 6/1/2023


Our roof was installed yesterday and we love it! Jerry Frey was great to work with, from his initial visit to give us an estimate to yesterday when he made sure we were happy with the job and that everything was perfect. We were very happy, Greg and the crew were great! Jerry gave us a very reasonable price and an excellent warranty, but it was his experience and excellent reviews, and the fact he installed a friend's roof a few months ago and she is very happy with it, that we decided to go with him. We're so very happy we did!

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