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A Typical Case Study for C.L. Frey Construction Roofers

This is a review that outlines the CL Frey Roofing Process - We did not write this.

Written by a satisfied homeowner.
Greg and Terry 

"...Hiring C.L.Frey was the best decision my wife and I could have made..."

(Picking the right roofing company).

Let me start by saying our house needed a lot of work we had two roofs and wanted new soffit, facia, downspouts gutters and guards. We received a few bids from other companies in our area the first being from a smaller company who honestly told us it was to big a job for him, the second came from a big corporate company after hearing the salesman pitch we were really put off by his offer of deducting $15,000 if we signed a contract at that moment!


My wife and I decided we wanted to go with a local family owned business that would be more personal for us and called C.L.Frey. When I called to set up an estimate the lady who I later found out was the owners wife Trilby informed me that the owner Jerry would be out personally to look at our house. He showed up on time on the day of the appointment and I must say was very knowledgeable and professional with his assessment of the project. 


(Getting your roofing quote)

He informed us he would have a quote in a few days which made my wife and I feel less pressured and at ease with him. We received the quote from Trilby two days later and as Jerry did inform us it wasn't the cheapest or the most expensive it was right in the middle. 


After discussing the bid with my wife we decided to hire C.L.Frey. 

I called Trilby and informed her but needed a little time to get the funds together she said that wasn't a problem and would put us on the schedule when we were ready. 


(Getting Your New Roof Started)

On the day the job was started Greg the Forman and nephew of Jerry's showed up early and discussed the roof with me the crew showed up at 7am promptly and our house was completely tarped off to prevent any damage to our house by 8. 


Jerry showed up a little after 9 and went up on the roof and discussed everything with Greg came down and assured me all was going well. 


(Completing this roofing job)

The roof was completely done and grounds cleaned up by 6pm. 

Being that our house was older there was one problem that Greg and Jerry found when they removed the existing soffit although it wasn't a major problem Jerry informed me that I might want to consider shoring up my overhangs to prevent any problems down the road. 


That evening Jerry called and gave me a very fair price for the extra work and Greg and him showed up the next day to do the work personally! 


The 3rd day the soffit, facia and gutter crew showed up and completed the job on schedule. 

Hiring C.L.Frey was the best decision my wife and I could have made. All employees are very respectful and professional no swearing, fighting or arguments and it all starts from the top! 


We can truly recommend them to anyone that is getting a roof or any project that needs done they are truly Elite and you'll get what you pay for! 


Thank you Trilby and Jerry for being there when we needed you. 

Greg and Terry