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PA # 124771  Fully Insured



Where Quality Comes First

Roofing Specialists- 4 Generations of
Service Since 1882

Halloween Roof Decorations

Halloween is not just for the kids.  Simple directions on the roof of your home may turn it into a haunted mansion.  It doesn't take much but could be the talk of your neighborhood. 

CL Frey Construction know this but wants you to be safe in preparing your roof for a halloween treat.

1. Use your roof as part of your decorating.

Decorations are a big part of Halloween and while most people are carving the traditional jack-o-lantern, adding props to lawns, a few additions to your roof may bring about a serious WOW factor to your home.

2. Make sure the roof is safe.

Make sure your roof is strong enough to support whatever decorations you are placing there.  Check your roof for any damage to roof or shingles before geting up there.  The roof can be a dangerous place if it is not maintained properly.  If you find your roof has deterioration, don't do it... Get your roof looked at by a professional before climing up there.

3. Plan ahead.

Your family may have a little something to say about roof decorations and it can be real fun for you and your entire family.  You can get help from a good Google search of halloween roof decorations.

4. Dont forget about lighting!

You want the entire neighborhood to notice those decorations that you worked on, so lighting may be a good addition to your roof.  Christmas or Halloween lights may work well for this.  Again, there are a ton of ideas online.

5. So many props to choose from.

Things get real fun now.  Witches, skeletons, spiders.... These will be positioned on your roof where people can't get a close up look so homemade roof decorations are sometimes as good or better than store bought.   Once again, doing a Google search of do it yourself decorations.  We've seen a lot of these... Those rooftop spiders appear to be very inexpensive and easily built.

To add a little extra Wow - add some spooky sounds and a bunch of spider webs.

Please have a safe and fun Halloween this year.