What is in your Attic?

Moisture in your attic is a sure sign that you may need some roofing issues fixed.

You should check your attic regularly to be sure that you don't have a roofing problem.  Even if you are not experiencing water in your home, you may just be overlooking a problem.  If water or moisture plague your attic, you can experience a multitude of problems in your home that you are not even aware of.


Moisture in your attic can turn into mold quickly, sickening your home and your family.  The moisture can be caused by just a few damaged shingles that you can't see readily.  It can also be cause by simply not having proper roof ventilation, inadequate insulation, improper bathroom venting or excessive humidity in your home.  A quick look after rain or snow may save you a lot of money and headaches later.


Sometimes a leak at the very peak of your roof can show up looking like a leak in a corner or wall of your home.  That is because leaking water will sometimes run down along the roof and walls of your home and only be seen at it's end point.  So, inspecting your attic regularly can prevent leaky roofing and save you, once again, a lot of money and major roofing problems.


Rotting wood is a sure sign of moisture getting in through your roof.  At this point, your roof will need some serious attention.  If you find rotted wood in your attic, please give us a call right away becuse it is getting close to a not just a roof replacement but additional cost of replacing rotted wood.

We hope this helps you to maintain

your home's roof throughout the years.  

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