Choosing Shingle Color For Your Home

On average, homes with curb appeal sell for up to 14% more than homes with less curb appeal. An attractive roof color and house color combination can give your home a real boost in curb appeal and resale value.

Consider these guidelines for updating your house with a new color palette.

Paint and Trim Color
The shingle color that you choose for your roof should compliment the color of your home's paint and trim. For instance, you may want a brown-toned shingle for a home with brick siding.  If you plan to change your paint color in the future, remember that when making your decision, as you will want to select nutrual tones to match a variety of colors.

Roof Size:

How much of your roof is visible? Does your roof include a lot of architectural details? Is your roof very large? Look at your roof from eye level areas and perhaps take some pictures. In other words, look at your roof and also consider what surrounds it. Even the surrounding neighborhood and landscaping will help you with your color choices.

Boosting Resale Value:

Potential homebuyers are likely disenchanted with a damaged or stained roof. Even a new roof can impact a buyer's decision if the color theme of the house does not appeal to them. If you are planning selling your home in the near future, neutral colors are usually your best choice.

The roofers at CL Frey Construction are more than happy to discuss all of your options, right down to discussing your color options.



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