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Where Quality Comes First

Roofing Specialists- 4 Generations of
Service Since 1882

Best Time to Replace That Roof

Why Fall Is the Best Time for a New Roof

Have you been putting off that new roofing project?

Autumn brings more comfortable temperatures for tackling a roofing project.  Most roofing contractors are wrapping up their year and it may be easier to schedule a new or replacement roof project.  Below are some good reasons that you may consider your new roof.

Better Weather

Thefall season still usually maintains temperatures above 45 degrees.  Asphalt shingles will adhere to your roof for good sealing and shingles set at a good temperature from an airtight barrier against raing and snow.  BUT DON'T WAIT UNTIL IT IS TOO COLD. 

Spring and Summer Have Taken a Toll

Though your old roof didn’t leak last year, that doesn’t mean it’s ready to face another crazy winter. Shingles may be loose or torn off due to Summer storms and wind.  A sunny, hot summer may weaken your roofing to the extend that it may not make it through another winter. BE SURE TO TAKE CARE OF YOUR ROOF AT SUMMER'S END RIGHT AWAY.

Snow Is On It's Way

Sometimes winter stroms leave more snow on top of your roof than it can take.  We all know that in Pittsburgh heavy ice build up can overload your roof and flashing.  The snow backs up behind icicles all along the roof line and gets under the shingles.  Heat from your attic can cause puddling snowmelt. that can cause dripping and leaking.  Worn shingles expand and freeze that allows water to get in between causing them to tear.

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CL Frey Construction offers roof replacement and new roofing in areas North of Pittsburgh. 
Gibsonia, Wexford, Ross Township, North Hills and Cranberry township are only a few of the areas north of Pittsburgh that we offer service.